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Quilt Pink Embroidered Hearts & Flowers

Honor a breast cancer survivor or encourage a friend in her fight against the disease, with a wall hanging that celebrates courage, support and the love of friends and family.


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Embroider Blocks

Work all embroidery with three strands of embroidery floss.

1. Using a light box and marking pen, mark each embroidery pattern on three solid white 8-1/2" squares.

2. Use a stem stitch and pink embroidery floss to embroider each marked square. Trim each square to be 7-1/2" square, including seam allowances. To stem-stitch, pull needle up at A (Stem Stitch Diagram). Insert it back into fabric at B, about 1/4" away from A. Holding floss out of the way, bring needle back up at C and pull floss through so it lies flat against fabric. The distances between points A, B, and C should be equal. Pull gently and with equal tautness after each stitch.