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Quilt Pink Embroidered Hearts & Flowers

Honor a breast cancer survivor or encourage a friend in her fight against the disease, with a wall hanging that celebrates courage, support and the love of friends and family.


Download this Project

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the order that follows. Click on "Download This Project" to download the full-size embroidery patterns and scallop patterns A and B. (Scallop Border Pattern A will print out as two pages; after printing, tape sheets together on the dotted lines to make pattern.)

From solid white, cut:
9--8-1/2" squares

From pink floral, cut:
2--1-1/4x23" sashing strips
6--1-1/4x7-1/2" sashing strips
Enough 2-1/2"-wide bias strips to total 224" in length for binding

From white print, cut:
2--1-1/2x25" inner border strips
2--1-1/2x23" inner border strips

From pink stripe, cut:
80--2" squares

From pink plaid, cut:
2--6-1/2x37" outer border strips
2--6-1/2x25" outer border strips