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Pieceful Pines

Here’s a wall quilt that’s destined to become a holiday tradition. The dimensional tree boughs are quilted before the top edges are stitched into the seams of the background squares. Then they are decked with cheery red pom-poms. Fabrics are from the Once Upon a Christmas collection by Susan Winget for Benartex.


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Prepare Tree Appliqués

1. Trace Pattern A on wrong side of a cream print 7" square.

2. Layer marked cream print square atop remaining cream print 7" square, right sides together. Place on top of batting 7" square. Sew together on drawn line, leaving a small opening for turning. Trim excess fabric, leaving a 1⁄4" seam allowance. Clip up to seam line at inner points, trim across each outer point, and clip curves as necessary. Turn right side out through opening. Press flat and hand-stitch opening closed. Machine-quilt in three concentric star outlines to complete A star.

3. Trace Pattern B on wrong side of a light green print 6-1⁄2×9-1⁄2" rectangle. Layer as in Step 2 with remaining light green print 6-1⁄2×9-1⁄2" rectangle and batting 6-1⁄2×9-1⁄2" rectangle. Sew, trim, turn, and press as in Step 2. Hand-stitch opening closed. Machine-quilt in an allover design to complete B tree piece.

4. Trace Pattern C on wrong side of a green print 6-1⁄2×14" rectangle. Layer as before with remaining green print 6-1⁄2×14" rectangle and batting 6-1⁄2×14" rectangle. Sew between dots on pattern, leaving straight edge open for turning. Trim, turn, and press as before. Machine-quilt in an allover design to complete C tree piece.

5. Repeat Step 4 using Pattern D and dark green print and batting 6-1⁄2×16" rectangles to complete D tree piece.

6. Repeat Step 4 using Pattern E and light green print and batting 9×20" rectangles to complete E tree piece.

7. Repeat Step 4 using Pattern F and dark green print and batting 7-1⁄2×19" rectangles to complete F tree piece.