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Patriotic Star Wall Art

Foundation-piece a single red, white, and blue star for simple framed wall art. 


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Foundation-Piece Units A and B

To foundation-piece, you stitch fabric pieces to a foundation paper with the marked side of the paper facing up and the fabric pieces layered under the paper. The resulting pieced unit is a mirror image of the foundation paper.

1. Cut out one of Foundation Pattern A and three of Foundation Pattern B roughly 1⁄4" outside dashed lines.

2. For Unit A, gather A foundation paper, red print 1-1⁄2" square (position 1A), blue print 1×2" rectangles (positions 2A–4A), red floral 1-1⁄2 ×2-1⁄2" rectangles (positions 5A–7A), red-and-white print 1-1⁄2 ×3-1⁄2" rectangles (positions 8A–10A), and blue floral 2×5" rectangles (positions 11A–13A). Referring to Diagram 1, work in numerical order to foundation-piece Unit A. Do not remove the foundation paper.

3. For Unit B, gather one B foundation paper, one blue floral 1×2" rectangle (position 1B), one red-and-white print 1-1⁄2 ×2" rectangle (position 2B), one red print 1-1⁄2 ×2-1⁄2" rectangle (position 3B), and two blue-and-white print 4×5" rectangles (positions 4B and 5B). Referring to Diagram 2, work in numerical order to foundation-piece Unit B. Do not remove the foundation paper.

4. Repeat Step 3 to foundation-piece three B units total.