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Oversize Flower Wall Quilt

Geometric and floral fabrics from the Oriental Traditions 8 collection by Robert Kaufman offer subtle Asian flair to an appliquéd wall hanging.


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Assemble Blocks

1. The Full-Size Appliqué Placement Diagram is in four parts on pages 5–8 of pdf download. (Click on "Download this Project" for diagram.) Using a large sheet of tracing paper, trace all four parts, overlapping shaded areas and matching points A and B and points C and D, to make a full-size placement guideline for one quadrant of a block.

2. Fold light green print 26" square in half twice and press each fold to make a foundation square with guidelines.

3. Using the full-size placement guideline and Appliqué Placement Diagram, arrange four dark green print 1x18" bias strips in gentle curves on foundation square. Fuse stems in place for stems.

4. Referring to diagrams, lay out the following pieces on foundation square: eight dark green print A calyxes, 20 dark green floral C leaves, eight red-and-gold metallic print B buds, four black-and-red print D flowers, four tan print E flower centers, four red floral F petals, and one brown print G circle. Fuse pieces in place.

5. Using black thread and working from the bottom layer to the top, machine-blanket-stitch each piece in place to make an appliquéd block. Trim appliquéd block to 25-1/2" square including seam allowances.