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Multicolor Plaid Wall Hanging

Dark prints separated by striped sashing take on the look of plaid in this sophisticated wall hanging. Piping adds extra dimension. Fabrics are from the Hearthside Seasons collection by Kim Diehl for Henry Glass & Co.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From gold print, cut:
16—1-1⁄2" sashing squares
72—1-1⁄4" squares

From assorted medium and dark prints, cut four sets of:
4—3-1⁄2" squares

From assorted medium and dark prints, cut eight sets of:
2—3-1⁄2" squares

From scraps of assorted medium and dark prints, cut:
4—3-1⁄2" squares

From brown stripe, cut
24—1-1⁄2x6-1⁄2" sashing rectangles

From brown print, cut:
4—2-1⁄2x42" binding strips
4—1-1⁄4x22-1⁄2" piping strips

From black print, cut:
2—6-1⁄2x34-1⁄2" border strips
2—6-1⁄2x22-1⁄2" border strips