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Hen and Flowers Wall Hanging

Use coordinating fabrics from Blank Quilting, including prints from the Calista collection, to fuse appliqué shapes to a wall quilt that has folk art flair. Tone-on-tones, stripes, and dots add depth to the farmyard scene.


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Add Sashing and Borders

1. Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, sew red-and-black stripe 1x11-1/2" sashing strip to right-hand edge of quilt center. Add red-and-black stripe 1x33" sashing strips to top and bottom edges of quilt center. Press all seams toward sashing strips.

2. Sew red-and-black polka dot 2x12-1/2" border strips to short edges of quilt center. Add red-and-black polka dot 2x36" border strips to remaining edges to complete quilt top.