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Happy Go Lucky

Inspired by vintage Americana and folk art, this wall hanging makes you smile. The playful quilt includes a pieced checkerboard border and black-and-white accents to compliment the cheerful combination of prints.



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Assemble Appliqué Foundation 

Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, sew together long edges of assorted green print 11×50" rectangles to make appliqué foundation. Press seams in one direction. The appliqué foundation should be 50×32" including seam allowances.


Assemble Appliqués

1. For one flower, gather six each of orange-cream stripe A triangles and assorted orange print B and C pieces.

2. Referring to Diagram 1, sew B piece to A triangle to make an AB unit. Press seam toward B piece.  

3. Add a matching C piece to AB unit to make an orange ABC unit. Press seam toward C piece (Diagram 2).

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make six orange ABC units total.

5. Referring to Diagram 3, sew together three orange ABC units to make an orange petal trio. Press seams in one direction. Repeat to make a second orange petal trio.

6. Sew orange petal trios together along long edge to make an orange flower. Press seam in one direction. Trim  excess seam allowance that extends beyond seams.

7. Using blue-cream stripe A triangles and assorted blue print B and C pieces, repeat steps 2–6 to make a blue flower (Quilt Assembly Diagram).

8. Using red-cream stripe A triangles and assorted red print B and C pieces, repeat steps 2–6 to make a red flower (Quilt Assembly Diagram).

9. With wrong side of orange flower facing up, press 1⁄2 ×6" fusible-web strips along outer edge (Diagram 4). Remove paper backing. Repeat for remaining blue and red flowers. 

10. Press 1⁄2 ×8" fusible-web strips on wrong side of black dot ribbon stems. Remove paper backing.