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Gem of the Earth

Deep sapphires peek through a multifaceted landscape of rock, ground, and leaf prints. Three borders frame one block for a natural-look wall hanging. Fabrics are from the Modascapes collection by Moda Fabrics.


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Assemble Blocks and Sashing Units

1. Referring to Diagram 7, lay out eight of Unit 1, eight of Unit 2, four of Unit 3, four of Unit 4,

and one Unit 5 in five horizontal rows. Sew together units in each row. Press seams toward units 2 and 4. Join rows to make a block. Press seams toward second and fourth rows. The block should be 20-1⁄2" square including seam allowances.

2. Referring to Diagram 8, sew together two of Unit 4, two of Unit 3, and one Unit 6 to make a sashing unit. Press seams toward units 4 and 6. The sashing unit should be 4-1⁄2×20-1⁄2" including seam allowances. Repeat to make four sashing units total.