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Foundation-Pieced Arcs

Foundation and curved piecing pay off on a striking wall hanging. Our tips and tricks prove it’s possible to master these easier-than-they-look techniques.


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Foundation Materials and Needle Tips

A foundation material can be permanent or temporary. Permanent foundations remain part of the quilt, while temporary foundations are removed before the quilt is layered for quilting.

Permanent options include muslin, flannel, and sheer cut-away stabilizer. Tracing paper, freezer paper, lightweight newsprint, translucent vellum, wash-away foundation paper, tear-away stabilizer, and typing paper are examples of temporary foundation materials.

The pattern for the arc can be drawn or printed on any foundation material. If you are new to foundation piecing, test different materials to determine what works best for you.

When foundation piecing, use a tiny stitch length (12–16 stitches per inch) and a larger needle, such as a size 90/14, so the foundation will easily tear away from the assembled block. Return to a regular stitch length to join rows of blocks.

Sewing through multiple layers (including your foundation material) dulls a needle quickly. To avoid sewing with a blunt tip, change your needle every 6 to
8 hours of sewing.