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Flying Geese Wall Hanging

Give this wall hanging a controlled scrappy look by using one background fabric for each vertical row of Flying Geese.


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Assemble Wall Hanging Center

1. Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, sew together 16 red–and–cream No. 1 Flying Geese units to make a red row. Press seams toward bottom of row. The row should be 4-1/2x32-1/2" including seam allowances. Repeat to make red–and–cream No. 2 and red–and–cream No. 3 rows.

2. Using green Flying Geese units, repeat Step 1 to make green–and–tan row and green–and–brown row; press seams toward top of row.

3. Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, join red and green rows, alternating colors, to complete quilt center. Press seams in one direction. The quilt center should be 20-1/2x32-1/2" including seam allowances.