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Falling Leaves

Welcome the crisp breezes and changing landscape of autumn with a stunning fused wall hanging that bids adieu to summer.


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Add Beading

1.  Use C-Lon or Nymo beading thread and a straw needle to hand-stitch orange and metallic copper seed beads as desired on wall hanging, placing beads in a trailing pattern that loosely follows path of appliquéd leaves.

2.  To make beaded edging, refer to Picot-Edge Beading Diagram. Starting about 1⁄8" from background edge, pull needle up at A with knot on wrong side of wool. Slip one orange bead, one metallic copper bead, and a second orange bead on thread. Bring needle up at B, about 1⁄8" from A, and go back through last orange bead. Thread on one metallic copper bead and one orange bead, then bring needle up at C. Continue in same manner until all visible edges of wool background are stitched with beads.