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Falling Leaves

Welcome the crisp breezes and changing landscape of autumn with a stunning fused wall hanging that bids adieu to summer.


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Appliqué Wall Hanging

1.  Fold under 3" on one short end of rust wool 7×35" rectangle; glue raw edge in place, leaving enough room for a small twig to slide through side openings.

2.  Evenly space assorted wool 4-1⁄2×5-1⁄2" and 4×5" rectangles atop rust wool rectangle. When pleased with the arrangement, fuse pieces in place. (For her no-sew appliqué, designer Jennifer Sevlie Diederich used heavyweight fusible web. If you wish to sew around the appliqué edges, use lightweight fusible web instead.)

3.  Referring to photo for placement, lay out assorted silk A and B leaves in a winding, trailing pattern from light to dark. When pleased with the arrangement, fuse pieces in place.