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Easy Row Quilt

When the rows of this quilt center are constructed, new patterns emerge, especially in the illusionary blocks created by the multicolor prints. For best results, space out the large-scale prints to help draw the eye around the quilt. This quilt features an array of allover prints from Jennifer Heynen’s Happy collection for In the Beginning Fabrics.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Cut outer border and binding strips lengthwise (parallel to the selvages).

From assorted red prints, cut:
2—2-1/2x38-1/2" inner border strips
2—2-1/2x34-1/2" inner border strips

From scraps of assorted red prints and from assorted green, yellow, purple, and turquoise prints, cut 13 matching sets of:
1—2-1/2x10-1/2" rectangle
2—2-1/2x6-1/2" rectangles
2—2-1/2" squares

From scraps of assorted prints, cut eight matching sets of:
1—2-1/2x6-1/2" rectangle
1—2-1/2" square

From scraps of assorted prints, cut:
4—2-1/2" squares

From dark brown print, cut:
2—2-1/2x42-1/2" outer border strips
5—2-1/2x42" binding strips
2—2-1/2x38-1/2" outer border strips
84—2-1/2" squares