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Crazy Stars

Discover the "crazy" way of making stars-no precise matching points and no paper piecing. Just layer fat quarters, cut through all of them at once, and shuffle the deck to easily create stunning stars. The crazy-pieced stars in this quilt are a combination of Marie Osmond's Blanc et Noir Fashion prints for Quilting Treasures set off with fuchsia tone-on-tones.


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About the Method

Designers Pam Soliday and Janet Nesbitt created this star block with their improvisational "crazy" method. You’ll sew together pieces in sections A, B, and C; join sections into blocks; then square up blocks.

As you join pieces, try to keep inside seams straight, putting extra fabric toward outside edge. Dots on the Cutting Template indicate where it is helpful to maintain a 1/4" seam allowance (Photo 5). When joining two pieces, match them at the dot end of the 1/4" seam line; don’t worry if the other end isn’t even after stitching. If there aren’t any dots, center one piece on the other to stitch.