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Color Maze

This wall hanging may look confusing but it’s not. It’s simply strip set segments arranged in a mazelike pattern. A black inner border makes the quilt center stand out. Fabrics are from the Close to Home collection by T.S. Post for P&B Textiles.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From ivory print, cut:
• 12—1-3⁄4×21" strips

From blue print, cut:
• 8—1-3⁄4×21" strips

From green print, cut:
• 6—1-3⁄4×21" strips

From gray dot, cut:
• 5—1-3⁄4×21" strips

From orange print, cut:
• 5—1-3⁄4×21" strips

From red print, cut:
• 4—1-3⁄4×21" strips

From black print, cut:
• 4—1-3⁄4×21" strips

From ivory dot, cut:
• 4—1-3⁄4×21" strips

From tan print, cut:
• 16—1-3⁄4×21" strips

From black-and-white print, cut:
• 2—1-1⁄2×35-1⁄2" strips
• 2—1-1⁄2×32-1⁄2" strips

From blue-and-white print, cut:
• 2—3-1⁄2×381⁄2" strips
• 2—3-1⁄2×37-1⁄2" strips

From binding fabric, cut:
• 5—2-1⁄2×42" strips