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Citrus Stars

A playful palette of citrus colors—orange, green, and yellow—brings a summery look to this wall hanging. Careful placement of triangle-squares produces pairs of star blocks. Fabric are from the Mooshka collection by Julie Paschkis for In the Beginning Fabrics.

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Inspired by Red, White & Stars from designers Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth
 Quilt tester: Laura Boehnke

In this quilt there are two different blocks, each composed of 36 triangle-squares that require specific fabric placement. To keep track of where pieces go, label fabrics with their letter designations and keep pieces organized in resealable plastic bags as you cut them out.

Assorted orange prints (blocks):
1⁄8 yard for fabric A
1⁄4 yard for fabric D
1⁄4 yard for fabric E
1⁄8 yard for fabric L

Assorted green prints (blocks):
1⁄3 yard for fabric C
1⁄4 yard for fabric F
1⁄4 yard for fabric G
1⁄4 yard for fabric K

Assorted yellow prints (blocks):
1⁄4 yards for fabric H
1⁄4 yard for fabric I
1⁄4 yard for fabric J

1⁄2 yard solid white for fabric B
1⁄4 yard each of dark orange print and dark green print (inner border)
1⁄2 yard each of orange floral and green floral (outer border)
1⁄3 yard each of orange print and green print (binding)
3 yards backing fabric
52" square batting

Finished quilt: 44" square
Finished blocks: 15-3⁄4" square

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.
Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.