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Checkerboard Heart Wall Hanging

A heart surrounded by radiating squares create a Trip Around the World effect in a romantic wall hanging. Fabrics are from the Spring Romance and Sweetheart collections, both for RJR Fabrics.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Cut outer border and binding strips lengthwise (parallel to the selvages).

Letters in parentheses indicate fabric placement for quilt center (Quilt Assembly Diagram).

From dark red print, cut:
6—-1-1/2x42" strips
18—1-1/2" squares (A)

From black-and-pink small floral, cut:
6—1-1/2x42" strips
16—1-1/2" squares (B)

From white small floral, cut:
43—1-1/2" squares (C)

From one black print, cut:
72—1-1/2" matching squares (D)

From remaining black print, cut:
48—1-1/2" matching squares (G)

From assorted red prints, cut:
36—1-1/2" matching squares (E)
32—1-1/2" matching squares (F)
24—1-1/2" matching squares (H)

From white toile, cut:
2—4-1/2x25-1/2" inner border strips
2—4-1/2x17-1/2" inner border strips

From black-and-red large floral, cut:
2—6-1/2x43-1/2" outer border strips
2—6-1/2x31-1/2" outer border strips
5—2-1/2x42" binding strips