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Celebrate Spring Wall Hanging

Pair fusible appliqué with classic Churn Dash blocks in a wall quilt that beckons spring. Fabrics are from the Urban Elementz Basix collection by Patricia E. Ritter and the Artisan Spirit Expressions collection by Deborah Edwards Northcott Studio, both for Northcott.


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Prepare Vine Appliqués

1.     Join dark purple small polka dot 1-1⁄4"-wide bias strips to make two 24"-long strips. We recommend using straight seams and pressing seams in one direction. (This is important if you plan to use a bias bar to press the finished vines.)

2.     Fold a dark purple small polka dot 24"-long strip in half lengthwise with wrong side inside; press. Stitch a scant 1⁄4" from raw edges to make a tube (Diagram 1). Refold tube, centering seam allowance in back; press. (Use a 3⁄8"-wide bias bar when pressing the vines if desired.)

3.     Apply small dots of liquid fabric glue about 1⁄2" apart under pressed seam allowance of tube. Press with a hot dry iron to heat-set glue dots and anchor seam allowances, making a vine appliqué.

4.     Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make a second vine appliqué.


Assemble and Appliqué Center Block

1.     Use a pencil to mark a diagonal line on wrong side of each mottled purple 12" square.

2.     Align a marked mottled purple square with one corner of solid white 23-1⁄2" square (Diagram 2; note direction of marked line). Sew on drawn line. Trim excess, leaving 1⁄4" seam allowance. Press open attached triangle. Repeat with remaining corners of solid white square to make center block appliqué foundation.

3.     With right side inside, fold center block appliqué foundation in half diagonally twice. Press lightly to make diagonal placement lines; unfold.

4.     Fold a vine appliqué in half crosswise; finger-press to mark center. Repeat with a second vine appliqué. Dot vine seam allowances with liquid fabric glue about every 1⁄2".

5.     Referring to center of Quilt Assembly Diagram, position one prepared vine on center block appliqué foundation over a diagonal placement line; align center of vine with intersection of placement lines. Add a second prepared vine in same manner. Turn appliqué foundation wrong side up; press with a hot dry iron to heat-set vines in place.

6.     Referring to center of Quilt Assembly Diagram, arrange prepared appliqué pieces on center block appliqué foundation.

7.     When you are pleased with the arrangement, tuck ends of E and E reversed leaves under vines.

8.     Working from bottom layer to top, fuse pieces in place following manufacturer’s instructions. Using threads that match appliqués, machine-blanket-stitch around each shape to make center block. The block should be 23-1⁄2" square including seam allowances.