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Celebrate Spring Wall Hanging

Pair fusible appliqué with classic Churn Dash blocks in a wall quilt that beckons spring. Fabrics are from the Urban Elementz Basix collection by Patricia E. Ritter and the Artisan Spirit Expressions collection by Deborah Edwards Northcott Studio, both for Northcott.


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Inspired by Garden Medallion from designer Kim Diehl

Quilt tester: Colleen Tauke



•    1⁄8 yard dark purple small polka dot (appliqué)

•    3⁄4 yard mottled purple (appliqué foundation)

•    7⁄8 yard solid white (appliqué foundation, blocks)

•    1—9×11" piece each mottled orange, blue multicolor polka dot, blue large polka dot, pink large polka dot, light purple small polka dot, and pink multicolor polka dot (appliqués, blocks)

•    1—12" square purple multicolor polka dot (appliqués, blocks)

•    1⁄4 yard yellow print (appliqués, blocks)

•    1—9×21" piece (fat eighth) green print (appliqués, blocks)

•    1⁄2 yard mottled pink (blocks, setting squares)

•    1⁄2 yard each blue small polka dot and multicolor stripe (blocks, inner and outer border, binding)

•    2-5⁄8 yards backing fabric

•    46" square batting

•    Lightweight fusible web

•    Water-soluble, acid-free liquid fabric glue, such as Quilter’s Choice Basting Glue (

•    3⁄8"-wide bias pressing bar (optional)


Finished quilt: 37-1/2" square
Finished blocks: Center: 23" square, Churn Dash: 5" square


Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.

Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.