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Bunny Appliqué Folk Art

Create a bunny appliqué wall hanging that you can display year-round with muted greens, tans, and browns from Harvest Town by Jacqueline Paton for Red Rooster Fabrics.


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Appliqué Center Oval

1. Fold mottled tan 18x22" rectangle in half twice. Lightly press folds to create an appliqué foundation with placement guidelines; unfold.

2. Tape Pattern O to a light box or sunny window. Aligning fold lines with dotted lines on pattern, position appliqué foundation over pattern. Using a water- or air-soluble marker, lightly trace Pattern O onto appliqué foundation. (Do not cut out.)

3. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, lay out shapes and prepared stems within traced oval on appliqué foundation. Baste, glue-baste, or pin all pieces in place.

4. Using threads that match the appliqué shapes and working from bottom layer to top, machine-appliqué pieces in place.

5. Press appliquéd oval from wrong side.

6. Using Pattern O, trim appliquéd oval.