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In Bloom

Rich, muted colors enhance a traditional appliqué wall hanging. Echo quilting around the flowers and flowerpot draws the design forward to be framed by the contrasting triangle-square border.



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Assemble Quilt Center

1. Referring to the Quilt Assembly Diagram, lay out all of the tan print No. 1 rectangles, the tan print No. 1—2-1⁄2" squares, all of the tan print No. 2 rectangles, and the tan print No. 2—1-1⁄2 ×14-1⁄2" strips in nine horizontal rows.

2. Sew together the pieces in each row. Press the seam allowances toward the tan print No. 2 pieces. Join the rows; press the seam allowances in one direction. 

3. Add the tan print No. 2—1-1⁄2 ×18-1⁄2" strips to the long edges of the pieced unit. Then sew the tan print No. 2—1-1⁄2 ×16-1⁄2" strips to the short edges of the pieced unit to make the quilt center. Press all seam allowances toward the tan print No. 2 strips. The pieced quilt center should measure 16-1⁄2 ×20-1⁄2", including the seam allowances.