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Blazing Stars Wall Quilt

Combine four Blazing Star blocks for a striking wall hanging. By using prints with metallic stripes, the star points seem to radiate light. Fabrics are from the Maestro collection by Kathy Hall and the Big Beautiful Bugs collection by Lonni Rossi, both from Andover Fabrics.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From assorted dark prints, cut:
4—1-3/4 x42" strips

From assorted light prints, cut:
8—1-3/4 x42" strips

From assorted medium prints, cut:
4—1-3/4 x42" strips

From each tone-on-tone, cut:
1—6-1/2" square, cutting it diagonally twice in an X for 4 triangles total
4—4-1/8" squares

From each metallic print, cut:
2—4-1/8 x20" sashing strips
2—4-1/8 x12-3/4" sashing strips

From mottled dark blue, cut:
5—2-1/2 x42" binding strips