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Batik Triangle Stars

The same pattern is used to create the four blocks in this wall hanging. Careful fabric placement creates the illusion that they're different. Using Tonga Batiks from Timeless Treasures' Fire and Ice collections resulted in a graphic quilt.

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Cut and Assemble Star Block D

From yellow-and-orange batiks, cut:
28 of Triangle Pattern

From red batik, cut:
16 of Triangle Pattern

From pink batik, cut:
20 of Triangle Pattern

From one blue batik, cut:
1—9" square, cutting it diagonally twice in an X for 4 triangles total
4—6" squares

1. Referring to Diagram 10 for placement, lay out yellow-and-orange, red, and pink batik triangles and blue batik triangles and squares.

2. Referring to Cut and Assemble Star Block A, steps 1–8, make Star Block D.