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Bargello Wall Quilt

Use an array of pastel batiks to get the subtle color changes needed for a watercolorlike wall hanging. The strips are pulled from assorted Tonga Treat bundles of precut 2-1/2"-wide strips (in colors Taffy, Hard Candy, and Meringue) from Timeless Treasures.


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Prepare Fabric Bands

1. Lay out a 2-1/2x20" strip from each of the 24 assorted prints in a pleasing manner. (Consider making a chart showing fabric placement and labeling fabrics 1 through 24 to avoid confusion when assembling strip sets and quilt top.)

2. Join strips to make strip set A (Diagram 1). Press all seams toward fabric 1. To avoid a strip set that curves, alternate the sewing direction as you add each strip. Add one strip sewing from top to bottom, then add the next strip sewing from bottom to top, and so on.

3. Join ends of strip set A—fabrics 1 and 24—to make an A tube.

4. Referring to Diagram 2, cut the A tube into eight assorted-width bands to use for making the odd-numbered rows. Cut one layer of the tube at a time. To do this, smooth out the tube carefully on your rotary-cutting mat and cut only as much as you’re comfortable with at a time. Rotate the tube and continue cutting from where you left off. To duplicate the featured quilt, cut A tube into:

1—3-1/4"-wide A band
1—3"-wide A band
1—2-1/2"-wide A band
1—2-1/4"-wide A band
1—1-3/4"-wide A band
1—1-1/2"-wide A band
2—1-1/4"-wide A bands

5. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make an identical strip set; label this strip set B. Press all seams toward fabric 24, which ensures that seams will abut when assembling quilt top.

6. Join ends of strip set B to make a B tube.

7. Cut the B tube into eight assorted-width bands to use for making the even-numbered rows. To duplicate the featured quilt, cut B tube into:

1—3-1/4"-wide B band
1—3"-wide B band
1—2-1/2"-wide B band
1—2-1/4"-wide B band
1—1-3/4"-wide B band
1—1-1/2"-wide B band
2—1-1/4"-wide B bands



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