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Americana Wall Hanging

Featuring Brannock & Patek's Hemming House collection for Moda Fabrics, this wall hanging is a subtle twist on Americana. In each block center, a red stripe or plaid surrounds the Nine-Patch unit. To draw the whole wall hanging together, a red stripe is repeated in the inner border.


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Assemble and Add Borders

1. Sew short inner border strips to short edges of quilt center. Add long inner border strips to remaining edges. Press all seams toward inner border. The quilt center now should be 40-3/4" square including seam allowances.

2. Referring to Assemble Center Units, Step 1, use five matching red print 1-1/2" squares and four matching black floral or black print 1-1/2" squares to make a Nine-Patch unit for the outer border. The unit should be 3-1/2" square including seam allowances.

3. Repeat Step 2 to make six Nine-Patch units total for the outer border.

4. Referring to Assemble Center Units, Step 4, add matching red print 1-1/8x3-1/2" rectangles and 1-1/8x4-3/4" rectangles to each Nine-Patch unit to make six center units total.

5. Using four matching cream print small triangles, two gray-blue floral 2" squares, two black star print 2" squares, and one center unit, repeat Assemble Blocks, steps 1 through 3, to make a border block (Diagram 6). The block should be 61/2" square including seam allowances. Repeat to make six border blocks total.

6. Referring to photo on page 1, join a border block and a short outer border strip to make a short outer border unit. Press seams toward strip. Repeat to make a second short outer border unit. Sew short outer border units to short edges of quilt center, noting placement of blocks. Press seams toward border.

7. Sew together two border blocks and a long outer border strip to make a long outer border unit. Repeat to make a second long outer border unit. Add long outer border units to remaining edges of quilt center to complete quilt top. Press seams toward border.