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Americana Wall Hanging

Featuring Brannock & Patek's Hemming House collection for Moda Fabrics, this wall hanging is a subtle twist on Americana. In each block center, a red stripe or plaid surrounds the Nine-Patch unit. To draw the whole wall hanging together, a red stripe is repeated in the inner border.


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Assemble Blocks

1. Referring to Diagram 3, sew matching cream print large triangles to two adjacent edges of a gray-blue floral 2-3/4" square to make a blue-and-cream triangle unit. Press seams toward square. Repeat to make a second, matching blue-and-cream triangle unit.

2. Using large triangles from the same cream print as in Step 1 and black star print 2-3/4" squares, repeat Step 1 to make two matching black-and-cream triangle units.

3. Sew blue-and-cream triangle units to opposite edges of a red-and-blue center unit (Diagram 4). Sew black-and-cream triangle units to remaining edges to make an A block. Press all seams toward center unit. The block should be 9-1/4" square including seam allowances.

4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 to make nine total of block A.

5. Using black print large triangles and white-and-red plaid 23/4" squares, repeat Step 1 to make 16 black-and-red triangle units.

6. Using four black-and-red triangle units and one red-and-black center unit, repeat Step 3 to make block B (Diagram 5). Repeat to make four total of block B.