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Wheel of Fortune

A scrappy circle composed of a variety of blues and greens is the standout of this project. A fun border of smaller spheres and arches continues the rounded motif for a table topper with a whimsical look. Fabrics are from the Robin collection by Erin Ries and the Impressions Moire collection, both from Clothworks.


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Assemble Block

1. Referring to Diagram 1, sew together 10 assorted print A pieces along long edges to make a circle segment; press seams in one direction. Repeat to make four circle segments total.

2. Sew together circle segments in pairs to make two halves (Diagram 2). Press seams in one direction. Join halves to make a pieced circle; press seams in one direction.

3. Leaving a 2" tail, pin rickrack to right side of pieced circle, 1⁄4" from outer edge (Diagram 3). Stitch through center of rickrack, stopping 2" before starting point. Turn under rickrack ends so folds abut and complete stitching.

4. Flip rickrack to wrong side of pieced circle, turning under the seam allowance; press to make a pieced circle appliqué.

5. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, center pieced circle appliqué on mottled blue 18" foundation square; pin or baste in place. Using brown thread, machine-blanket-stitch outer edge of pieced circle along rickrack seam. Position mottled brown B piece over center raw edges. Fuse in place following manufacturer’s instructions. Position mottled green F piece in center of mottled brown B piece; fuse. Using threads in colors that match B and F pieces, blanket-stitch around outer edges of fused piece.

6. With circle centered, trim foundation to 16-1⁄2" square, including seam allowances, to make an appliquéd block.



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