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Two-Tone Star Table Runner

With clever fabric placement in each star block in a graphic, gift-worthy table runner, quilt tester Laura Boehnke created the illusion of diagonal stripes. The black-and-white batiks are from Hoffman California Fabrics.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From solid white, cut:
8—3-3/4" squares
5—3-3/8" squares
1—3" square

From each of black-and-white batik Nos. 1 and 7, cut:
1—3-3/4" square
1—3-3/8" square

From assorted black batiks, cut:
4—2-1/2x42" binding strips
7—1-1/4x42" strips for inner and outer borders
12—3-3/4" squares
9—3-3/8" squares
5—3" squares

From each of black-and-white batik Nos. 2 and 6, cut:
3—3-3/4" squares
3—3-3/8" squares
3—3" squares

From black-and-white batik No. 4, cut:
4—3-3/4" squares
2—3-3/8" squares

From each of black-and-white batik Nos. 3 and 5, cut:
4—3-3/4" squares
4—3-3/8" squares
4—3" squares

From black-and-white batik No. 8, cut:
2—2-3/4x39-1/2" middle border strips
2—2-3/4x21-1/2" middle border