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Topsy-Turvy Triangles

For this table topper or wall hanging version of Balancing Act, use Johnny Karwan’s candy-colored prints from his Delilah and Delilah Wheels collections for Clothworks. They’re made of tone-on-tones in a variety of colors, so the outer triangles stand out.


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Assemble Pieced Triangles

1. For one pieced triangle, gather a set of matching B, C, and D trapezoids from one tone-on-tone and a floral A triangle.

2. Sew B trapezoid to A triangle to make an AB unit (Diagram 1). Press seams open.

3. Working in clockwise order, add C trapezoid to the AB unit to make an ABC unit (Diagram 2). Press seam open. In the same manner, sew a D trapezoid to ABC unit to make a pieced triangle (Diagram 3). Press as before.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 to make 28 pieced triangles total. You will have two sets of trapezoids left over.