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Square-in-a-Square Table Topper

Surround foundation-pieced Square-in-a-Square units with inner and outer borders. Fabrics are from the Oodles of Doodles and Rhapsodie Colorée II collections by Ricky Tims for Red Rooster Fabrics.
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Assemble Square-in-a-Square Units

To foundation-piece, you stitch fabric pieces to a foundation paper with the marked side of the paper facing up and the fabric pieces layered underneath. Resulting pieced units are mirror images of the foundation papers.

1. For one Square-in-a-Square unit, select one tone-on-tone 2-3/4" square and four matching tone-on-tone triangles in a different color.

2. Referring to Diagram 1, place a foundation paper marked side down and center the tone-on-tone 2-3/4" square right side up over position 1; pin.

3. With right sides together, position a tone-on-tone triangle on tone-on-tone square so triangle’s long edge extends 1/4" into position 2 (Diagram 2). To check placement, pin on stitching line between positions 1 and 2, then flip purple tone-on-tone triangle open. Make sure it completely covers position 2 and extends into adjoining areas at least 1/4". If it doesn’t, reposition and recheck until it does, then pin in place.

4. Turn pinned unit over so marked side of foundation paper is up. Using a short stitch length, sew on stitching line through all layers, extending stitching past beginning and end of line by a few stitches (Diagram 3).

5. Trim seam allowance to 1/4" if needed. Press triangle open, pressing seam toward triangle (Diagram 4).

6. Repeat steps 3–5 to add a second tone-on-tone triangle to position 3 (Diagram 5).

7. In the same manner, add remaining tone-on-tone triangles to positions 4 and 5 to cover remaining areas of foundation paper (Diagram 6).

8. Trim all fabric layers and foundation paper on dashed line to make a Square-in-a-Square unit (Diagram 7). The unit should be 3-1/2" square including seam allowances.

9. Using remaining tone-on-tone 2-3/4" squares and sets of matching triangles, repeat steps 1–8 to make 20 Square-in-a-Square units total.