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Six-Pointed Stars Table Runner

Hand-piece a table runner using Six-Pointed Stars. Or, if hand stitching is not your forte, slowly machine-piece the pieces, making sure to take special care to start and stop sewing at the matching points. These bright fabrics are from Laurel Burch Basics for Clothworks.


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Assemble Rows

1. Aligning matching points, sew together two light blue print A diamonds to make a blue diamond pair (Diagram 4). Repeat to make four blue diamond pairs total.

2. Referring to Diagram 5 for placement, lay out seven star units, two blue diamond pairs, and six light blue print A diamonds in a row. Aligning matching points as before, join pieces with set-in seams to make Row A. (For details, click on "Download this Project" for tips on Set-In Seams.) Repeat to make a second Row A.

3. Referring to Diagram 6, set seven blue print A diamonds into the star points along the top and bottom edges of one Row A to make Row B.




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