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Scrappy Floral Appliqué Table Mat

Raid your stash to make this table mat and matching mug mats. Add a personal touch by finishing this project with large, hand-quilted stitches.

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Assemble Mug Mats

Tuck a quick-to-sew mat in a card as an unexpected surprise. Or stitch several to make a set full of warm and cozy country charm.

Materials for one Mug Mat
4-1/2" square light print (appliqué foundation)
Scraps of green prints and assorted medium or dark prints (appliqués)
2-1/2x22" strip of medium or dark print (binding)
5" square backing fabric
5" square batting

Finished mug mat: 4-1/4" square

Cut Fabrics
From assorted green prints, cut:
2 of Pattern A
From assorted medium and dark prints, cut:
1 each of patterns B, C, D, and E

Assemble Mug Mat
1. Referring to Applique Blocks, steps 1 through 6, make one appliquéd block. Centering design, trim appliquéd block to 4-1/4" square.

2. Layer appliquéd block, batting and backing. Quilt as desired. Designer Kim Diehl hand-quilted around the appliqués, using a big stitch in contrasting thread to emphasize the shapes of the blossoms.

3. Bind with medium or dark print binding strip.