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Scrappy Floral Appliqué Table Mat

Raid your stash to make this table mat and matching mug mats. Add a personal touch by finishing this project with large, hand-quilted stitches.


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Appliqué Blocks

1. With right sides together, fold each light print 4-1/2" square in half diagonally; finger-press lightly. Unfold, then refold square in half diagonally in opposite direction and finger-press to make appliqué foundations with placement guidelines.

2. Fold a prepared green print A piece in half, matching leaf tips. Finger-press along fold to crease, then cut along the crease to make two leaves (Diagram 1). Repeat with remaining green print A pieces to make 36 leaves total.

3. Position four leaves on an appliqué foundation, centering leaf tips on diagonal creases and leaving about 5/8" seam allowance on all sides. Anchor seam allowances of leaves with a small amount of basting glue.

4. With monofilament thread in the needle and a neutral-color thread in the bobbin, use tiny zigzag stitches to appliqué leaves in place (do not sew raw edge of leaf; it will be covered by flower appliques). Remove freezer paper from each leaf through unstitched opening.

5. Center and appliqué a B flower to the foundation (Applique Placement Diagram). Use embroidery scissors to carefully trim away foundation fabric and remove freezer-paper.

6. Working from bottom layer to the top, repeat Step 5 to applique a C flower, and D and E flower centers to the foundation to complete an appliqued block. Press each block gently and briefly from wrong side; prolonged heat can weaken the monofilament threads.

7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 to make nine appliquéd blocks total.