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Rainbow Chevron Mini

An array of solids arranged in vertical rows creates a rainbow of waves. Fabrics are from the Tropicana collection by Cherrywood Fabrics.


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Inspired by With Flying Colors from designer Megan Pitz

Quilt maker: Jody Sanders



•    1⁄3 yard solid white (units)

•    1⁄8 yard each of solid blue, dark orange, aqua, teal, dark green, light green, lime green, and light orange (units)

•    1⁄4 yard black-and-white stripe (binding)

•    5⁄8 yard backing fabric

•    19×23" batting


Finished quilt: 10-1⁄2 ×14-1⁄2"

Finished block: 2" square


Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width. 

Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated. 

Press seams in directions indicated by arrows on diagrams. If no direction is specified, press seams toward darker fabric.