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Prism-Edge Table Topper

Make a one-block table topper that has an intricate ice cream cone border. Using the Traditions of Redwork, Blackwork, Indigo collection by Henry Glass & Co. resulted in a graphic two-color quilt with just a hint of red.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Click on "Download this Project" to download templates of patterns and tips for using patterns.

From black leaf print, cut:
10—2" squares

From red print, cut:
10—2" squares

From white toile, cut:
4—3-1/2" squares

From black diagonal grid print, cut:
2—3x9-1/2" inner border strips
2—2-3/4x14-1/2" inner border strips

From black print, cut:
2 each of patterns A and A reversed
10 of Pattern C
8 of Pattern F

From white print, cut:
2 each of patterns B, B reversed, E, and E reversed
8 of Pattern D

6 of Pattern G