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Pink Flower Table Topper

Are you new to appliqué and want to start out small before committing to a whole project? Make this one-block table topper. Fabrics are from Robert Callaham’s Canterbury collection for Red Rooster Fabrics.


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Appliqué Block

1. Referring to Table Topper Assembly Diagram, center dark pink print A circle over center square. Tuck ends of four short stems under A circle approximately 1/4". Tuck end of two long stems under the A circle, making sure the long stems do not extend beyond the triangle outline for the end of the topper. Fuse in place.

2. Working from the bottom to the top, place appliqué pink print B, dark pink floral C, cream print D, and dark pink print E circles atop A circle, fuse in place.

3. Position 18 green print F leaves; fuse in place.

4. Referring to Table Topper Assembly Diagram, position a pink tone-on-tone E circle to end of each stem, overlapping the stem 1/4"; fuse in place.

5. Using thread matching each appliqué and a zigzag stitch, machine appliqué each piece to make the table topper center.

6. Trim ends of table topper center on marked diagonal lines (Diagram 5).