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Pastel Party

Make a pretty spring quilt using pastel and floral fabrics. Fussy-cut sashing squares add a seasonal accent. Fabrics are from the Claire collection by Tribeca for Timeless Treasures.


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Assemble Side Units

1.    Sew together a pink polka dot 1-1⁄4×25" strip and a light blue print 1-1⁄4×25" strip to make a strip set. The strip set should be 2×25" including seam allowances. Cut into twenty 1-1⁄4×2" segments (Diagram 2).

2.    Referring to Diagram 3, join a Step 1 segment and a solid yellow 1-1⁄4×2" rectangle to make a side unit. The side unit should be 2" square including seam allowances.

3.    Repeat Step 2 to make 20 yellow side units total.

4.    Sew together a white polka dot 1-1⁄4×25" strip and a pink-and-white stripe 1-1⁄4×25" strip to make a 2x25" strip set. Cut strip set into sixteen 1-1⁄4x2" segments.

5.    Repeat Step 2 using Step 4 segments and solid blue 1-1⁄4×2" rectangles to make 16 blue side units total.