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Paisley to Please

A long-time decorating favorite, the paisley pattern is back with updated flair. Show off hand or machine quilting once the simple piecing and appliqué are done. 


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Cut Fabrics

To make the best use of your fabrics, cut pieces in the following order. Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces. To use fusible web for appliquéing, complete the following steps.

1. Lay fusible web, paper side up, over patterns. Use a pencil to trace each pattern the number of times indicated in cutting instructions, leaving at least 1⁄2" between tracings. Cut out each fusible-web shape roughly 1⁄4" outside traced lines.

2. Following manufacturer’s instructions, press fusible-web shapes onto backs of designated fabrics; let cool.

3. Cut out fabric shapes on drawn lines and peel off paper backings.

From mottled white, cut:
1—31" square for quilt center

From green print, cut:
2—1 -1⁄2×33" inner border strips
2—1 -1⁄2×31" inner border strips
13 of Pattern D

From mottled gold, cut:
2—4 -1⁄4×401⁄2" middle border strips
2—4 -1⁄4×33" middle border strips
10—5-1⁄4" squares, cutting each diagonally twice in an X for 40 large triangles total

From teal print, cut:
5—2-1⁄2×42" binding strips
9—5-1⁄4" squares, cutting each diagonally twice in an × for 36 large triangles total
4—2 -7⁄8" squares, cutting each in half diagonally for 8 small triangles total
4—2-1⁄2" squares
9 of Pattern A

From gold print, cut:
9 of Pattern B

From pink print, cut:
15 of Pattern C
9 of Pattern D

From light teal print, cut:
12 of Pattern E