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A New Leaf Table Runner

To make the blocks appear to be straight set, alternate two background fabrics in the leaf blocks, then piece the same fabrics into hourglass units and side setting triangles. For stems, back a green print with no-sew fusible web, then rotary-cut the green print into strips with a pinking blade. Fabrics are from the Joy of Life collection by Mary Capan for Hoffman California Fabrics.


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Assemble Table Runner Top

1. Alternating leaf and hourglass blocks, lay out blocks and the 12 side setting triangles in nine diagonal rows (Table Runner Assembly Diagram). Sew together pieces in each row. Press seams toward hourglass blocks and side setting triangles.

2. Join rows to make table runner center. Press seams in one direction.

3. Center turquoise print 1-1⁄4x28" inner border strips on long edges of table runner center; sew strips to edges. Press seams toward border. Trim ends of inner border strips even with angled edges of table runner center (Diagram 6).

4. Sew turquoise print 1-1⁄4x12" inner border strips to opposite short edges of table runner center. Press strips open, pressing seams toward border. Trim strips even with edges of adjacent border strips (Diagram 7). Add turquoise print 1-1⁄4x13" inner border strips to remaining edges of quilt center. Press and trim as before (Diagram 8).

5. Repeat Step 3 to sew multicolor print 3-1⁄4x30" outer border strips to long edges of table runner center and trim.

6. Repeat Step 4 to sew multicolor print 3-1⁄4x16" and 3-1⁄4x19" outer border strips to short edges of table runner center and trim to complete table runner top.