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Log Cabin Table Topper

The colors in these Log Cabin blocks are similar in value, but each round is clearly visible because the colors are opposites on the color wheel. The festive four-block table topper features the Holiday Splendor collection by Yolanda Fundora for Blank Quilting.


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Finish Quilt

The featured quilt is not bound in a traditional manner. Instead, it has a knife-edge self binding. To finish your quilt with the same technique, complete the following steps.

1. Place batting on your work surface. Lay backing fabric right side up atop batting. Center quilt top over backing with right side down; pin or baste layers together.

2. Referring to Diagram 5, sew together through all layers, pivoting at corners and leaving a 5" opening along one block edge for turning.

3. Trim batting and backing fabric even with quilt top edges. Then carefully trim batting close to seam line. Trim across outer corners to reduce bulk.

4. Turn quilt right side out through opening. Use a point turner, wooden skewer, or chopstick to gently push out corners. Slip-stitch opening closed. Place quilt right side down on a towel; press outer edges. Quilt as desired.