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I Heart Wool

Try your hand at appliqué with this easy-to-make wool table runner.


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Embellish Table Runner Top

1. Referring to Table Runner Appliqué Placement Diagram, position green plaid wool 1⁄2"-wide vine strips on table runner top, tucking ends of some green plaid wool vine pieces under heart pieces and cutting some other ends at a 45-degree angle. Baste in place. Position solid red wool D circles on table runner top; baste in place.

2. Using perle cottons that match appliqués, whipstitch wool appliqué shapes in place. To whipstitch, bring needle up at A and down at B (Whipstitch Diagram). Continue in same manner around entire shape.

3. Using perle cottons that contrast with appliqués, featherstitch along adjoining appliqué pieces A and BC, and pieces B and C (Table Runner Appliqué Placement Diagram). To featherstitch, pull needle up at A, form a V shape with thread (pointing in either direction), and hold angle in place with your thumb (Featherstitch Diagram). Push needle down at B, about 1⁄2" from A, and come up at C. For next stitch, form a V shape with thread, insert needle at D, and bring it out at E. Continue in same manner.

4. Referring to Table Runner Appliqué Placement Diagram,  position red plaid No. 2 wool and gold plaid No. 2 wool 1-1⁄2×3-1⁄2" rectangles on table runner top. Using matching perle cottons, whipstitch rectangles in place.



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