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I Heart Wool

Try your hand at appliqué with this easy-to-make wool table runner.


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Appliqué Blocks

1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, apply basting spray to one side of an 11" batting square. Place batting square, basting spray side up, on a flat surface. Aligning edges, layer a tan plaid wool 11" square on batting square to make an appliqué foundation.

2. Referring to Table Runner Appliqué Placement Diagram, position and pin red plaid No. 1 wool A piece, purple plaid wool B piece, and gold plaid No. 1 wool C piece on appliqué foundation. Tuck edges of B piece under A and C pieces. Tuck edge of C piece under A piece. Baste in place.

3. Centering the heart, trim foundation square to make a 10" square appliquéd block.

4. Repeat steps 1–3 to make three appliquéd blocks total.