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I Heart Wool

Try your hand at appliqué with this easy-to-make wool table runner.


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Designer: Jo Ann Mullaly


1⁄3 yard tan plaid felted wool (appliqué foundations)
9×11" rectangle each of red plaid No. 1, purple plaid, gold plaid No. 1, and green plaid felted wool (appliqués)
1⁄2 yard black-and-brown plaid felted wool (sashing, border)
4×6" rectangle solid red felted wool (appliqués)
Scraps of red plaid No. 2 and gold plaid No. 2 felted wool (appliqués)
1⁄2 yard backing fabric
27×42" batting
Freezer paper
Perle cotton No. 8: red, purple, gold, green
Quilt basting spray

Finished table runner: 39-1⁄2×13-1⁄2"
Finished block: 9-1⁄2" square

Unless otherwise specified, quantities are for 44⁄45"-wide 100% cotton fabrics. Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances.