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Garden Party Table Runner

Combine lollipop brights with chocolate brown for a scrumptious table runner. Most fabrics are from Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics.


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Assemble and Trim Triangle-Squares

1. Referring to Triangle-Square Assembly Diagram, lay out assorted bright print triangles in six rows on design wall or work surface. Each pair of adjacent rows will make one block; pay attention to color placement to create a same-color square in the center of each block.

2. When you’re pleased with the arrangement, pick up first pair of triangles and sew together to make a triangle-square (Diagram 2). Press seam in one direction. The triangle-square should be 6-1/2" square including seam allowances. Return triangle-square to design wall. Repeat to assemble all triangle-squares.

3. Pick up first triangle-square. Place Pattern A template on the half of the triangle-square that will be in the center of the block. Trace the curved edge and cut on marked line (Diagram 3). To mark center point of trimmed edge, fold triangle-square in half and finger-press. Return triangle-square to design wall.

4. Repeat Step 3 to trim and mark each triangle-square.