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Funky Place Mats

Zigzag-stitch fusible words and motifs to create these fun place mats.


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Assemble "Drink" Place Mat


1. Referring to Diagram 2, lay out mottled dark brown letters on mottled pink rectangle and pieces C-F on bright pink print rectangle; fuse in place.

2. Using thread to match the appliqués, machine zigzag-stitch around each piece. (To avoid puckers, designer Linda Lum DeBono recommends placing stabilizer behind the appliqué foundations; remove it after stitching around appliqués.)

3. Referring to Diagram 2, join appliquéd rectangles, bright pink print rectangle, and pink floral rectangle in two vertical rows. Press seams in one direction. Join rows to make place mat top. Press seam in one direction.

4. Baste batting rectangle to wrong side of place mat top, machine-stitching a scant 1/4" from the edges. Trim batting close to the scant 1/4" seam, especially around the corners. With right sides together, layer the place mat and backing rectangle. Sew together, leaving a 4-inch opening along one side.

5.Turn place mat and backing right side out through opening. Hand-stitch opening closed; press. Topstitch 1/4" from place mat outer edges through all layers.