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Floral Delight Table Topper

Showcase four panel print squares amid setting triangles embellished with blanket-stitched curved pieces. Fabrics are from the Wildflowers collection by Teresa Ascone for Clothworks.


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Appliqué Blocks

1.    Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, arrange pink batik Pattern A, dark blue batik patterns B and C, and white floral Pattern D on an assorted flower print triangle. Fuse in place following manufacturer’s instructions. Using threads that match appliqués, machine-blanket-stitch around edges of shapes to make an appliquéd block. Repeat with a triangle from same flower print to make two matching appliquéd blocks.

2.    Repeat Step 1 with two triangles from second flower print.

3.    Repeat Step 1 with red batik Pattern A, light blue batik patterns B and C, white floral Pattern D, and four matching triangles from remaining flower print.


Assemble Quilt Center

1.    Lay out panel squares, appliquéd blocks, and Solid white sashing strips in seven diagonal rows. Sew together pieces in rows (Quilt Center Assembly Diagram). Press seams toward sashing strips.

2.    Join rows to make quilt center. Press seams toward sashing strips. Trim quilt center to 31" square.