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Flip & Sew Carrot Table Runner

A quilt-as-you-go project like this spring dandy means that when the top is done, so is the quilting! Add binding and you're finished.


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Assemble and Quilt Table Runner

1. Lay the backing fabric A piece on your work surface with the right side down. Place the thin quilt batting A piece on top. (If desired, use quilt basting spray to secure the layers together.)

2. With the right side up, place an orange print 1-1/2x42" strip across the middle of the layered A pieces; one edge should run along the center positioning line and the end should extend just beyond the top of the layered A pieces. Trim the excess orange print strip just beyond the bottom edge of the layered A pieces (Diagram 1).

3. With the right side down, place a second orange print 1-1/2x42" strip atop the first strip; trim the excess strip as before. Sew together through all layers (Diagram 2). Finger-press the top strip open. (Designer Shelley Robson recommends using a walking foot attachment on your machine during the construction to avoid puckers on the quilt back.)

4. Continue adding assorted orange print strips in both directions until the layered A pieces are covered; press. Center the B template on the strip-covered A piece; trace around and cut out to make the table runner (Diagram 3).



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