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Fall Leaves Table Topper

Use a fabric panel as inspiration for an autumn table topper. Choose prints in coordinating colors to frame the panel. Fabrics are from the Northern Exposure collection by Benartex.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From panel print, fussy-cut:
8" square (our panel print includes the wicker print)

From light gold print, cut:
22—1-5⁄8" squares

From tan print, cut:
24—1-7⁄8" squares

From dark gold print, cut:
22—2-3⁄8" squares

From olive green print, cut:
24—1-7⁄8" squares
22—1-5⁄8" squares

From brown print, cut:
22—2-3⁄8" squares

From brown leaf print, cut:
2—1-1⁄2x11-1⁄2" border No. 2 strips
2—1-1⁄2x9-1⁄2" border No. 2 strips

From brown-and-green wicker print, cut:
2—1-1⁄2x15-1⁄2" border No. 4 strips
2—1-1⁄2x13-1⁄2" border No. 4 strips

From green print, cut:
3—2-1⁄2x42" binding strips