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Curved Appliqué Table Runner

What looks like intricate curved piecing on this table runner isn't actually piecing, but rather curved appliqués layered atop an easy-to-make foundation block. Each block features a print and coordinating solid from Granny's Treasures collection by Nancy Mahoney for P&B Textiles.


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Prepare Appliqués

1. Lay fusible web, paper side up, over Appliqué Pattern. Use a pencil to trace pattern, including centerline, 60 times, leaving 1/2" between tracings.

2. Cut out each fusible-web shape roughly 1/4" outside traced lines. To reduce bulk, cut 1/4" away from traced lines on inside of each shape.

3. Referring to Diagram 2, position four fusible-web shapes on wrong side of a large Four-Patch unit; align centerline of each template with a seam line on Four-Patch unit. Following manufacturer’s instructions, press fusible web shapes onto unit; let cool. Cut out fabric shapes on drawn lines. Peel off paper backings. Repeat with remaining large Four-Patch units for 15 sets of four appliqués total.